Applied Science, BAS

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree is designed to help students who have earned an associate's degree in the trade and technical areas to pursue a bachelor's degree that complements and incorporates their prior college work.

There are four components to the degree.

  • A student entering the program must have an Associate of Applied Science degree from an accredited community or technical college.
  • The student must meet the University general education requirements worth 44 credits, some of which may be transferred in from his/her associate's work.
  • The student must select a minor from offerings in the current UMPI catalogue.
  • And finally, the student must take at least 30 credits of his/her BAS coursework at UMPI, 12 of which must be in a selected minor and 18 of which must be upper level courses (300- 400). These 18 upper level credits taken at UMPI may be taken as part of the GEC, the minor, or as elective credit.

All candidates for the bachelor's degree must complete the General Education Curriculum.

Program Requirements