UMPI OpenU Course Offerings

Spring 2015 Semester

  Number Title Location Instructor
* ENV 120 Meteorology
Folsom 303 Ted Shapiro
  ENG 367 Studies in Shakespeare Online Lea Allen
* FRE 101 Elementary French I Online Claire Davidshofer
* FRE 102 Elementary French II Online Claire Davidshofer
  POS 101 American Government Online Brent Anderson
  PHI 151 Introduction to Philosophy Online Lea Allen
PCJ 316 Advanced Professional Communication Normal 104B Jacquelyn Lowman
* ENG 211 Introduction to Creative Writing Online Mina Matthews
  ENG 121 College Composition II Online Jeff Lovejoy
ART 251 Photography I Pullen 311 Carol Ayoob

For course descriptions, please view them in the Course Descriptions section of our downloadable Course Catalogue. Descriptions are listed alphabetically.

* Students will have to buy trade paperbacks or textbooks

This course is only available on campus and can not be taken online.

 X = course is closed/filled