Due Process, Grievances and Complaints from external entities or individuals

Complaints from external parties or individuals, including clinical sites, employers, or the public, related to the program, faculty or students should be forwarded to the program director. The program director will review the nature of the complaint and determine the appropriate response. Legitimate complaints will be responded to by the appropriate faculty member in a timely fashion by phone, email or in person as deemed appropriate by the program director. If it is determined that the nature of the complaint will potentially impact student outcomes, program policy or procedure, the issue will be discussed by the core faculty at the next weekly program faculty meeting or sooner. Issues involving wider university policy or procedures will be discussed by the core faculty and brought to the attention of the appropriate administrator and/or the College of Professional Programs chairperson. Issues that may impact student outcomes or program policy and procedure may also be brought to the attention of the advisory board for input. All complaints eliciting a response from program faculty or university administration will be placed in a secure file by the program director. These files may be purged after 7 years.