What immunizations do I need?

Maine State Law requires that all students who are enrolled full-time or part-time in a degree program or who are taking at least 12 credits through the Continuing Education Department, show proof of immunity to the following infectious diseases: Measles (Rubeola), Rubella (German Measles), and Mumps (MMR), if born after December 31, 1956, and Tetanus/Diphtheria (TD) for all students regardless of age. The University is not allowed to permit a student to be enrolled or to attend classes without a certificate of immunization or other evidence of immunity. The presentation of acceptable proof of immunization or immunity must be made prior to a student’s attendance in class or participation in other activities conducted by the University.

Do I need medical insurance?

Yes, if you don’t have an insurance policy already in place when you come to UMPI, then you need to have the insurance that the University provides. This insurance is offered at the beginning of each semester and is purchased at the beginning of the school year.

How many classes are taught by teacher’s assistants?

There are no classes taught by teacher’s assistants. One of the benefits of UMPI being a smaller university is that you’ll be taught exclusively by faculty! You will also have smaller classroom sizes and have more time with your professors.

How long is the semester?

UMPI offers courses by semester, fall and spring, with each semester lasting 15 weeks. Summer courses are also available. Classes run Monday and Wednesday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday. The classes are typically 50 minutes, 3 times a week or 1 hour and 15 minutes, 2 times a week.

What’s a good way for me to meet new people and get involved?

There are over 30 different clubs and organizations, including an International Students Club, that you can join. From athletics to the arts, dance to criminal justice, there are a variety of ways that you can get out there and get involved. You can become a reporter for our school newspaper, the U Times, or even have your own show on the school radio station, WUPI. If you can’t find anything that you’re interested in, start your own club!  Another great way to meet people is through our athletic events. UMPI is the home of the Owls and, if you like sports, you can go to our games and cheer on the home team!

I might need some help with some of my classes. Is that something that I can get there?

Yes, there is a great tutoring staff available for all classes. Professional tutoring and peer tutoring are offered free of charge to our students. There is also a writing center to help with all stages of the writing process. They help with everything from brainstorming writing topics to helping revise a completed paper.

What is there to do on campus and in the surrounding area?

On campus, we have a wide variety of activities, including athletics, academic clubs and student organizations. Outside of campus, we are located just minutes from the New Brunswick border. There are four-season recreational opportunities in a clean and safe rural environment. Within walking distance is the Braden Movie Theater, shops, places to eat and a grocery store! Close by there is also the Aroostook Centre Mall, the Nordic Heritage Center (world class Nordic skiing facility), Big Rock in Mars Hill (alpine skiing), another movie theater in Caribou, Aroostook State Park (tremendous snow shoeing, cross country skiing, mountain biking trails), and the Caribou Performing Arts Center.

What kinds of scholarships are available for undergraduate, international students?

The EDGE International Blue Award, $5,000, is awarded to students who score an 1100 combined critical reading and math on their SAT or 24 ACT. In order to retain this award, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or greater each semester.  
The EDGE International Gold Award, $2,500, is awarded to students who score a 900 combined critical reading and math on their SAT or 19 ACT. In order to retain this award, students must maintain a GPA of 2.75 or greater.

What are the selection criteria for International Student Tuition Scholarships?
  • Academic achievement: high school transcripts, GPA, rigor of curriculum, SAT/ACT scores.
  • Quality of written essay, which is part of the application.
  • Diversity as represented by country.
Are photocopies of TOEFL and/or SAT scores and transcripts acceptable?

We cannot accept photocopies of test scores or transcripts. Only official or certified copies will be accepted.