The Details

The Details

Fast progress to the pomp, no matter the circumstance.

Get More Info UMPI established this new adult degree completion program to provide a flexible and affordable pathway for adult learners who have some college credit but have not yet earned a degree. Instead of courses, you will use a digital platform to complete learning modules associated with a list of competencies that need to be completed in order to earn the degree.  You will progress through the modules as you demonstrate your mastery of academic content.

You will be able to apply past college credit, prior learning, and work experience toward your degree. After determining which competencies you still need to complete, our learning coaches will create your individual learning plan.

You will then be able to pay a flat tuition rate–$2,000 per semester for full-time students or $1,750 per semester for part-time students.  Full-time students in the CBE program may take advantage of as many competency learning modules per semester as they would like. Part-time students may take up to 11 credit hours per semester.   Please note, all materials and resources needed are embedded in the digital platform so there are no additional textbook costs or fees. In addition, this program is Financial Aid eligible.

You will have contact weekly with your faculty and learning coaches to guide you through the learning process. Upon graduation, you will receive a traditional transcript accompanied by a transcript that outlines the specific skills, knowledge, and abilities you have acquired by completing your competencies.

You can also be confident in this program’s high quality—we have mapped the courses in our existing Business degree program to every competency in the CBE degree to ensure that every CBE student meets the same program outcomes as our students in the traditional classroom setting.

In establishing this new CBE BBA, UMPI officials worked with nationally recognized organizations leading the way in education innovation, such as C-BEN (Competency Based Education Network) and CAEL (Council on Adult and Experiential Learning), as well as numerous colleges and universities affiliated with these groups, industry leaders, and workforce development partners, and Sagence Learning, a recognized infrastructure provider of CBE programs.

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