Tuesday, September 29
Phish Film:  A short documentary film of the IT Festival by Gudren Finchwillow will be shown in the Weiden Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.  Professor Giles will moderate a discussion following the film.  This event is open to all interested persons.

Wednesday, Sept. 30
Phish Forum.  A discussion Q & A will be held in the Campus Center at 7 p.m. about the three festivals and their impact on fans in the county and those that became fans during the bands visits.   The campus and public are invited to attend.

Thursday, Oct. 1. at 7 p.m.
n the campus center, the Phish Retrospective organizers have invited Mr. Brian Hamel to address The Who, What and Why of Phish coming to Limestone, Maine.  Hamel is the former director of the Loring Development Authority and was an integral key to having Phish in the county.  Campus and community are invited to attend this event to learn about the impact of these concerts in Aroostook County.

Sunday, October 4 at 2:30
Mr. Kevin Shapio, Phish Archivist, will travel from Phish headquarters in Vermont to explore the connections between the band Phish, the culture of their fans and the relationship between art, music and the participants in the context of the Limestone Phish festivals.  This occurs in an interactive atmosphere in the Campus Center in the Aroostook and Allagash Rooms.  Kevin is ready to answer any and all questions about Phish and their festivals - as best he is able.  All visitors and participants are invited to adjourn to open the Phish Retrospective exhibition in the Reed Art Gallery immediately following at 4 p.m.  and the dialogue can continue.