Media Server

Computer Services has been working on increasing space to store large files that you may want to use with Blackboard courses or for other projects. You might use this additional space for storing video files, large documents, etc. You will have the ability to stream audio/video from this space if you need this functionality. We have brought online a new server that will show in your list of drives as P. We have also been working on a mechanism to easily access your storage spaces from off campus. We have a piece of software running that is called NetStorage which will allow you to access your personal network space, your new storage space, and any shared drives you have from any location. We are in the process of completing documentation on how to access this new space and how to set up files for streaming.

We also encourage anyone who wants hands on training session for these new options to attend one of the open, regularly scheduled IT Training sessions from 2-3pm every Monday to Friday in the Library Conference Room.

Access the storage space similarly to your current personal web space.  The difference is that this additional space is mapped as the P: drive.

When constructing a URL for files that you put into this storage space, use:


Where the USERNAME is your NDS login - the one you use to login to your computer in the morning, and FILENAME is the complete name of the file, preceeded by the folders that it is inside.  Don't use spaces in the name; instead use underscore ( _ ) or dashes ( - ). 

If you need any assistance please contact Computer Services at Ext 9626.