NDS Accounts


NDS (Novell Directory Services) accounts are obtained  at the Technology Center on the ground floor of the  UMPI Library. An UMPI ID is required to set up an account. Students must then authenticate with the NDS account in the computer labs. Once authenticated, they can save data and email on the H: drive.

One last thing concerning the NDS account is that students can use it to authenticate. This account will work in the event that the Student ID or accounts are not working due to problems.

Does all of this sound a bit overwhelming? Well, IT has taken steps to help you out. Computer Lab Consultants will be able to provide assistance with each of the following:

  1. Getting the account and changing the password
  2. Authenticating with NDS account
  3. Saving data files
  4. Setting email preferences to save attachments


This all adds up to a more efficient technology environment for students using the UMPI computer labs.