Camtasia Studio 6 Getting Started Tutorials

Camtasia Studio 6 Overview
Walk through the basic steps to record, edit, and produce a video.

How to Record
Learn how to set up, start, stop, and save a recording in Camtasia Recorder.

How to Edit
Learn how to customize your screen recordings and audio using editing tips, cutting and splitting the video on the Timeline, unlinking Video 1 and Audio 1, adding effects, and other Timeline editing.

How to Produce
Learn how to produce your videos using a Preset, or follow the Custom Production path for more control over your settings.

How to Share
Learn about the methods Camtasia Studio provides for sharing produced videos with others; including, YouTube, Web, DVD or iPod and iPhone.

First Walkthrough: Fundamentals of Camtasia Studio Guide
Learn the basics of Camtasia Studio by completing a basic project. This PDF will guide you from start to finish through a single Camtasia Studio project.