Application Process for Financial Aid

In order to apply for Federal Financial Aid, as well as most aid programs offered by the University of Maine at Presque Isle students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which must be submitted to the Federal Student Aid Programs in accordance with instructions on the form. This form can be completed online; a computer is available in the Financial Aid office for those students needing online access or assistance in filling out the FAFSA.

Appropriate signatures are necessary when completing a FAFSA. Most unmarried student applicants, who are under the age of 24, are required to provide their own signature as well as a parent signature. Online applicants may print a signature page to sign and send in to the Department of Education. Otherwise, both student and parent may request a US Department of Education PIN (Personal Identification Number) at This PIN will be your electronic signature. Safeguard and remember your PIN as this will be used year after year when filing your FAFSA.

To complete the FAFSA online, go to Once your FAFSA is filed, you can check on the status, make corrections or add additional schools to receive your information. The University of Maine at Presque Isle school code is 002033.

Students should submit their applications at the earliest possible date. Financial aid awards are made on a rolling basis in the order that application files become complete in the Financial Aid Office. Priority is given to students who complete their file by April 1. Completed applications for financial aid will be considered at any time during the academic year; however, you may find that some funding will be exhausted if you file beyond April 1.