University of Maine at Presque Isle Wind Project

Completing the permitting process

Wind - The ProjectThe University went through major permitting processes with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and with the Federal Aviation Administration in order to build its wind turbine.

The University completed a Maine Department of Environmental Protection site location and development permit in June 2008. The permit application covered several areas, including financial capacity, technical ability, noise, scenic character, wildlife and fisheries, storm water management, and other items. Included as part of the application was an environmental impact study that was completed by consultant Woodard & Curran in conjunction with Woodlot Alternatives Inc. of Topsham, which had consulted on more than 40 other wind projects in New England. The University's wind project was found to meet the DEP's requirements and the site location and development permit was issued in June 2008.

The University had to secure a permit from the Federal Aviation Administration as the proposed site of the turbine fell within its flight paths. The University received FAA approval for a 50 meter turbine tower in May 2008. However, when a bidder brought forth a proposal for a 65 meter turbine tower, the University had to relinquish its FAA permit and go through the permitting process again. The University received FAA permit approval for a 65 meter turbine tower in October 2008.