Liberal Studies Pathway

Liberal Studies Pathway

Do you have broad career interests or want to develop your own degree program when you get to college? Then this pathway may be for you.

With a degree in liberal studies, you design your degree with the help of your academic advisor, ensuring that the interests and skills you are most passionate about are your areas of greatest focus. Get started sooner, take advantage of this pathway.

Course Credit Hours
ENG 101 3 cr hrs
PHI 151 3 cr hrs
MAT 117 3 cr hrs
HTY 161 3 cr hrs
PSY 100 3 cr hrs

The Early College Liberal Studies Pathway may lead to programs in a variety of majors including the following:

  • Art
  • English (including Professional Communication and Journalism)
  • History & Political Science

Completion of these majors allow students to pursue graduate studies or careers in the following fields:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Journalism
  • Project Management
  • Research Analytics