Public Health Advisory: Information and updates regarding Coronavirus
UMPI-specific Coronavirus Information



Need Help?As events are unfolding with the COVID-19 situation and our campus responds to them, our primary goal is to protect our campus community–students, faculty, and staff–as well as the larger Presque Isle community and northern Maine region while best ensuring our students’ academic progress. Please note that this FAQ is subject to change at any time and that all are encouraged to check this space regularly for the latest information as it becomes available.

CARES Act Student Relief Reporting – 30 Day Report

Information and resources from the University of Maine System are also available at or by calling the COVID-19 University Info Line at (207) 581-2681.

This FAQ was last modified on April 21, 2020.

Are classes canceled?

No, classes have moved to a distance/online modality format (i.e. online, Blackboard, Zoom, etc).

Is campus closing?

No, campus will remain open, but students will connect for classes online and connect with Advising, Student Support Services,Tutoring, Counseling, etc. through virtual methods (i.e. Zoom, phone, etc).

When do students need to move out of the residence halls?

By Sunday, March 22.

How is UMPI supporting students who cannot leave campus?

We are making accommodations on campus for students who are not able to travel home due to distance or active COVID-19 cases in their home locations.

How do students get belongings if they left early for Spring Break?

If you cannot return to campus during Spring Break, or if you are unable to return to campus because you traveled to an area with active COVID-19 cases, we have several options:

  • We can box up belongings and store them for the student to pick up at a later date.
  • We can store belongings until Fall semester.
  • Students have received a survey about this and should respond as soon as possible so we can assist with this transition. If you are a residential student and you have not received this survey, please contact Sarah Coyer, Director of Student Life, at

What’s going to happen with room and board charges?

In an effort to minimize financial impact on students and families, room and board adjustments for those students who have checked out with their Residence Life Office will be posted to students’ accounts based on an effective date of March 13, 2020. To ensure room and board adjustments are processed timely, students are encouraged to contact their Residence Life Office to complete proper check out. No other action is required to receive a room and board adjustment.

Adjustments will be posted to the students’ existing account and will reduce the amount owed. If the adjustment results in a credit balance, refunds will be processed and disbursed to students.

The room and board adjustment process was expected to be completed by March 31, 2020.

The University of Maine System recommends that students enroll in direct deposit to expedite receipt of refund dollars. In the event you are unable to participate in direct deposit, the University of Maine System recommends reviewing and updating your refund address on MaineStreet.

The University will continue working quickly and responsively to address individual student and family concerns as we take unprecedented steps as a public institution to protect student health and help limit the spread of the Coronavirus in Maine.

Will the Health Center be open?

Yes, the Health Center will be open during regular hours (1-5 p.m., Monday through Friday). Students should call ahead about any visits to the Health Center, 207-768-9586.

What is happening with spring sports?

UMPI has cancelled all spring sports.  This is in alignment with the NCAA’s cancellation of its remaining winter and spring NCAA championships across all divisions.

What about internships, field placements, clinical rotations, etc.?

Students will be able to continue their field experiences at off-campus sites, but will not come to campus to connect with faculty and staff. This will be done through distance methods (i.e., Zoom, phone, email). Faculty will communicate with all off-campus sites notifying students if changes are required.

What happens with work-study positions and pay?

The University of Maine System is implementing a plan to continue paying Federal Work Study students who have been actively employed in the last 6 weeks AND who are not able to work via remote arrangements. Effective March 22, the next pay period start date, campuses of the University of Maine System are moving forward to use an allowable method to pay qualifying Federal Work Study students.  Payment(s) will be processed via payroll in partnership with the Financial Aid Office for the final three full pay periods of the spring semester. Based on your earnings history, you may not reach the allowable maximum. In no case can a student’s earnings exceed the maximum allowable offer.

This provision, allowable by the U.S. Department of Education, is being exercised in the University of Maine System in order to provide relief to qualifying Federal Work Study students who are engaged in online classes this spring. Kindly note that based upon federal guidelines and institutional policy, Federal Work Study funding will cease when a student drops below 6 credit hours or if the entire award allotment has been earned.

Please note this information is subject to change pending additional guidance from the US Department of Education.

Students are strongly encouraged to follow these instructions to receive pay via direct deposit if you have not already done so.

Questions should be referred to financial aid counselors for assistance and guidance. At UMPI, please contact Danielle Pelkey at 207-768-9513 or

How can students access campus resources remotely?

Just call or email the following offices (and a Zoom meeting can be set up, if needed):


Please email your Professional Academic Advisor. If you’re not sure who that is, please call 207-768-9419.



Disability Services



Call the Help Desk at 1-800-696-4357

Library Services


ZOOM Reference –

Registrar’s Office


Student Financial Services


Student Support Services




Writing Center


In addition, students can now make appointments for either a tutoring or Writing Center session (including uploading drafts of papers), as either an online appointment or a live Zoom-style meeting with a tutor. Just go to

Is there a chance students will return to campus this Spring semester?

No. Given the evolving nature of the COVID-19 situation, we’re doing all we can to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our campus community.

What will happen with important campus events, such as University Day and Commencement, scheduled for this spring? What about other events that are scheduled to happen on campus?

University Day has been cancelled. A determination about Commencement was shared with campus on April 10; you can read about details here. Please stay tuned for further updates on events as decisions are made.

Additionally, the System has prohibited group gatherings of 10 or more people, following direction from Governor Mills’ Office. This restriction includes any events on University property, events being hosted by the University in a non-University location, and official participation by university students, staff and faculty in such events regardless of location.

Can Praxis, GRE and Castle exams still be administered on the scheduled Friday or Saturday test dates?

The exam scheduled for 3/13/20 will be administered, but future dates will be determined and information shared with those already registered.

Can local students come to campus to enroll for fall classes, work with advisors and tutors, see IT for technology issues, etc.?

No, students can conduct these activities through virtual methods (i.e., Zoom, phone, etc.).

What about prospective students–can they still come to campus for a visit?

After Friday, March 13, there will no longer be campus visits (individual or group). The Admissions Crew has created online opportunities for prospective students and their families to “visit” and engage with all aspects of campus. Announcements will be made when these opportunities are available.

What potential options do students have if they are struggling with courses in an online format?

We are very conscious of supporting our students through this academic transition. To mitigate the impact of COVID-19 disruptions this spring, the University has put the following Temporary Academic Policies in place through May 31, 2020 or until further notice.


Students may request a withdrawal from any course up to a week after final grades are submitted.  Final grades are due on May 10, thus students have until the end of the workday on May 17 to request a “W” to any courses.  


Students may request a Term Withdrawal, through May 17. 


In normal circumstances, students may elect to take one course per semester on a pass/fail basis.  Courses in the General Education curriculum are normally excluded from this option, which must be exercised during the first two weeks of the semester. Through May 17, students may opt to convert ANY course into a pass/fail option. Credit hours earned with a “P” grade will be counted toward degree credit.  Courses taken under the pass/fail option will not be used in computing the GPA.

Please keep in mind there are still potential Financial Aid ramifications for withdrawing from classes and/or withdrawing from the term. To take advantage of or discuss these options further, students should reach out to their professional academic advisors:

Lorelei Locke, 207-768-9431,

Bethany Lord, 207-768-9619,

Shara Page, 207-769-9419,

Jessica Winslow, 207-768-9668,

Jean Henderson,

How is UMPI handling the use of public spaces on campus? 

As of Monday, March 23, all public spaces at UMPI–including the Campus Center, Gentile Hall, the Center for Innovative Learning, and the Houlton Higher Education Center–will be fully closed down to the general public, as well as students, faculty, and staff. Faculty and staff who have critical duties that need to completed in those spaces will have the ability to continue that work; the spaces just won’t be open for general faculty, staff, and student use. As a further measure, all buildings on campus will be locked. These measures are being taken to best protect everyone’s health and well-being and to further build upon the University’s social distancing efforts.

Will Gentile Hall remain open?

Gentile Hall is now closed to all visitors until further notice.

Will there be any consideration given for those who have paid for a membership at Gentile Hall?

Yes, we will work with paying members who are not able to access the facility due to this change. We will work with members to offer extensions to current memberships to account for the time lost.

Will the Campus Store be open?

The store will continue to function, but is closed to all visitors until further notice. If you require assistance from the personnel in the store, please feel free to call 768-9500 or visit the website:

What can individuals do to reduce exposure during this time in addition to hand washing?

UMS strongly encourages all members of its community to learn about and practice social distancing, such as avoiding large crowds, staying home if you are sick, and avoiding close contact (nearer than 6 feet) to other people. Please review the CDC’s guidance regarding keeping yourself safe.

Have there been any confirmed cases in Maine?

Yes. Please see the Maine CDC website for Maine specific information, though there are no confirmed cases in Aroostook County. We remain in regular communication with the Maine CDC on these matters.

For additional information from the CDC, you can call 211 in Maine.

For other University of Maine System related resources, you can find the latest health advisory information from the University of Maine System at You can also call the COVID-19 University Info Line at (207) 581-2681 for UMS updates, answers to frequently asked questions, and information on resources.