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Edible Art Project by TRIO Upward Bound Art class displayed

Edible Art Project by TRIO Upward Bound Art class displayed

Summer resident UB students planned and installed a hanging garden at the architectural installation that was built several years ago by artist Robert Hoover at the north entrance to the Campus Center. Long square pots holding pro-mix soil were planted with peas, Bordeaux spinach and a variety of lettuce and tied together in pairs with monofilament to support their weight across the walls. Students worked in the hot sun to install their “work” which challenges the way we see art. Is this just a good idea garden like one might see on Pinterest, or is it a work that asks the viewer to consider the possibilities of collaborative processes between existing works and new works that add up to an act of active engagement and experimentation? Instructor Carol Ayoob, who also teaches Experience of the Arts and Photography on campus, will continue to document the growth and finalization of the project. The documentation will be shared with the eight students who helped create the garden.

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