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SALT Cash Cab at work for “Know Your Money Day”

SALT Cash Cab at work for “Know Your Money Day”

The University’s SALT Team was at it again for “Know Your Money Day” which took place on Oct. 4. Students were able to take part in the SALT Cash Cab, where money was earned for answering questions correctly about the SALT Program, loans and UMPI. For each correctly answered question, $1 was earned. Once $5 was reached, students could keep the $5 or answer a question with the chance of doubling their winnings for a total of $10. Students that walked away with $10 also earned a winner crown and a 100 Grand Candy Bar.

SALT is a program created by the American Student Assistance (ASA) that assists students with money management, loans, internships, scholarships and more.

The UMPI SALT Team will continue its efforts to visit each First Year Seminar course and develop interactive events throughout the year on campus for students to become more aware of the services SALT provides. College students and Alumni can create a SALT membership for free by visiting to receive assistance for college and beyond.

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