Sharing Our Experiences

Sharing Our Experiences

right_sharing-experienceThe University intends to fulfill its role as an educational, community and statewide leader in green power use. University officials have promised to be very public about the UMPI Wind Turbine project, sharing everything they have learned as part of this pioneering venture with others who may want to use this technology.

Part of the University’s reason for serving a leadership role in this realm is to fill the classic public university role of being the bold experimenter for projects that can help its community benefit from new knowledge. For this project, that includes providing information about everything from conducting initial wind measurement surveys and feasibility studies to completing contract negotiations and permitting processes to overseeing turbine installation and actual energy generation.

This website will serve as a major resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the University’s alternative energy project. Information about the project, especially beyond installation and commissioning, will be added as it becomes available to the University.

The University is incorporating aspects of its wind project into some of the courses it is offering as well as encouraging area schools and other educational institutions to learn about, build into their curriculums, and otherwise take advantage of this resource. One excellent example is the opportunity the University is providing by offering its turbine as an instructional tool for students in Northern Maine Community College’s wind technology program.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle is committed to sharing all aspects of this historical project with area residents, the people of Maine, and all others who want to know where an alternative energy project can take them.