The Overview

The Overview

“No other bricks and mortar public school in New England is providing a fully accredited degree pathway like this, so we’re very proud to be a leader in this arena.”

–UMPI President Ray Rice


UMPI established an adult degree completion program to provide a flexible and affordable pathway for adult learners who have some college credit but have not yet earned a degree. Instead of traditional coursework, you will use a digital platform to complete learning modules associated with a list of competencies that need to be completed in order to earn the degree. You will progress through the modules as you demonstrate your mastery of academic content.

Our YourPace program allows you to:

  • Get college credit for your prior learning and work experience
  • Save money with a flat tuition rate of $1,000 per 8 week session (rate effective through the Summer session which starts on July 5th)
  • Complete competencies instead of traditional college courses
  • Use a digital platform to complete learning modules for each competency
  • Complete as many competencies as you can each semester
  • Work at your own pace
  • Stay on track: weekly communication with faculty and learning coaches

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Courtney Boma
Academic Success Coach
Normal Hall
181 Main St.
Presque Isle, ME 04769