Film Studies Concentration

Walter Benjamin famously noted over 50 years ago that the representation of reality by film was incomparably more significant than that of the painter because the reality that film invokes is so easily free of equipment. Just as importantly, Benjamin believed that film, unlike painting and the other arts, would empower the public to become its own critic-although potentially an absent-minded one.

At the University of Maine at Presque Isle, the interdisciplinary Film Studies concentration is dedicated to the analysis of cinema as a medium of mass communication, education, and, above all, entertainment. We teach film as a business as well as a means of free expression; a political tool as well as an innocent diversion. With particular attention to film analysis and writing (both creatively and critically), students will attain an understanding of the development of cinema as an art form, its relationship with other arts, along with its global, multinational context.

Our goal is to empower you not only to write effectively about and within the medium, but to be an active and conscious critic of the role cinema has played in social and political movements. We teach an appreciation of the power of its revolutionary aesthetics as well as its potential as a political distraction together with the ways it continues to shape contemporary thought and culture.

Our courses are taught by faculty in Art, English, as well as other disciplines in the Humanities and include classes in writing, theory, analysis, and production. Whether you are considering a career as an artist or critic-or both-this concentration will provide you with essential knowledge and skills within this truly remarkable medium.

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