History & Political Science

The History program at the University of Maine at Presque Isle offers students a comprehensive curriculum providing an understanding of the diverse and complex forces at play in constructing our modern world.  We offer a B.A. in History, as well as minors in History, Local History, Political Science, and Social Studies.  In addition, we offer a B.S. in Secondary Education-Social Studies.  Our outstanding faculty is comprised both of committed teachers and nationally-recognized researchers whose broad expertise allows students to gain an understanding of American, European, and non-Western history.

Courses in our History program not only teach students a comprehension of past events, but they also help them to analyze and critique complex and multifaceted evidence, to identify bias in contemporary as well as historical sources, and to understand the construction of historical narrative itself.   Such skills enable our graduates to pursue a variety of careers that require sophisticated research and analytic skills, critical thought, and the ability to present well-written arguments.

The minor in Local History offers students the opportunity to learn the history of the area in which they live and place it within a larger historical context.  Once students have the basic background of Maine and Aroostook County history, they complete the minor with a service learning course that allows them to apply their skills to a project for a community partner.  Knowledge and skills gained from this experience can be applied to the history of small communities across the United States.  The Local History minor thus offers concrete and marketable skills for future nationwide employment as well as graduate program opportunities in the fields of public history, museum studies, and historic preservation.

Program Requirements