Many disciplines, including business, economics, the life sciences, medicine, the physical sciences and engineering, have much greater mathematical content now than they did in the mid Twentieth Century, and the need for mathematically literate professionals and entrepreneurs continues to grow. The mathematics curriculum at UMPI is designed to maximize students' abilities to construct, solve and interpret mathematical models of problems that arise naturally in these fields, and to effectively communicate mathematical ideas.

We place a special emphasis on preparing and supporting teachers who will impart these skills to future generations, but a major in mathematics is excellent preparation for a wide variety of future endeavors. Common career paths for mathematics majors include advanced studies in mathematics, economics, business, law, engineering, and natural sciences, as well as direct entry into quantitative fields such as finance or management consulting.

For our students and graduates in secondary mathematics education, we encourage and support participation in local and national programs of professional development and curriculum review. These include partnerships between UMPI and area high schools, regional and national meetings of the Mathematical Association of America, and summer programs such as the Institute for Advanced Study's Park City Mathematics Institute .

Students who plan to pursue advanced studies in mathematics or a related field are encouraged to participate in summer research projects such as the National Science Foundation funded Research Experience for Undergraduates . There are also opportunities for strong mathematics students to work as teaching assistants and tutors during the academic year.

Program Requirements



I feel very lucky to have been a part of UMPI's math program. The small classes result in an extremely productive learning environment. I felt very comfortable asking questions in class and taking advantage of the professors' knowledge and support outside of scheduled class times. By sharing ideas and tackling challenging problems under the guidance of excellent faculty, I have developed an interest in many areas of pure and applied mathematics and learned invaluable skills. This fall I will begin a Master of Science in Operational Research at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
-- Thomas Wire, Class of 2008.

I enjoyed this opportunity to work with the local university and other colleges. I hope that the knowledge I have gained will help "bridge the gap" between the university and high school.
-- Ryan Drost, Class of 2006,
Caribou High School mathematics teacher
(referring to his participation with UMPI faculty in an MAA sponsored workshop on a revised calculus curriculum)