Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Undergraduate Research

Under the direction of the Computer Science faculty, students in the program are encouraged to conduct undergraduate research, at times in collaboration with faculty members, related to a wide range of topics. Faculty are especially interested in having students explore topics connected with emerging job sectors in Maine, from bioinformatics in laboratory research to precision agriculture in farming, and finding ways that these research efforts can help make predictions and solve problems for industries in the State of Maine and beyond.

Computer Science Instructional Lab

Computer Science students have the opportunity to learn in a highly functional space equipped with the latest technology. Folsom Hall 101B received a $100,000 transformation, including renovations and new technologies, to become the new Computer Science Instructional Lab. The space includes 20 new ergonomic workstations featuring new i9 Dell computers with 24” video capable monitors and instructional technologies including Zoom capacity. It also has significant collaboration capacity with moveable whiteboards and shareable screens, creating an ideal instructional setting for students to practice writing programs and developing software.