Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

Academic Maps In our program, students will study all aspects of crime and societal reactions to crime. You’ll examine the political, economic, and cultural patterns that shape definitions and theories of crime and influence the policy choices about how to respond to certain categories of crime. You’ll also study social and personal forces that lead to criminal conduct, and analyze the organization and operation of crime control systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the interactions among the many agencies which comprise criminal justice systems and on the relationships between these systems and other facets of society. Our students have the opportunity to complete an internship with a criminal justice agency during senior year and are required to participate in service learning experiences in several courses.

Also Available: Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

  • Service Learning

    Service Learning

    Our students learn by doing projects that impact our state, such as efforts meant to help women re-enter society after being incarcerated.

  • Criminal Justice Club

    Criminal Justice Club

    Our club tackles service projects and goes on two major trips a year, to spots like Washington, D.C., where students took part in a specialized law enforcement training at the National Holocaust Museum.

  • Honor Society

    Honor Society

    There are only two Alpha Phi Sigma chapters in the state of Maine, and we’re proud to be home to one of them.

  • Front and Center

    Front and Center

    In our program, you get the unique opportunity to present at professional Criminal Justice conferences.

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