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Academic Maps Our English Program provides an array of courses unusually wide for a department of our size, offering classes in Journalism, Creative Writing, Film, Composition, and Professional Writing along with American, British, and World Literature, and Literary Theory. In and out of the classroom, we seek to meet the unique learning needs of each student and work hard to ensure that you are prepared to succeed, whether you go on to graduate school or directly into a career. We teach you the ways in which language shapes our lives, how to interpret and respond to the texts you encounter, and prepare you to communicate clearly, convincingly, and compellingly. In these ways, you become active shapers of knowledge and your world. Master these skills in our English Program, and you will find yourself prized by employers in almost any field.

  • Small = better writing

    Small = better writing

    We keep our creative writing classes small so students get lots of feedback and individual attention.

  • Get Published

    Get Published

    Our literary journal “Upcountry” gives you the chance to submit your work, see it in print, and, if you want to get more involved, maybe even serve as a student editor.

  • Be a reporter

    Be a reporter

    Our student newspaper, the University Times, is led by one of our faculty members and lets students learn the journalistic ropes.

  • A novelist among us

    A novelist among us

    Our program is pleased to have a twice published novelist in our midst. Rich Zuras’ second novel, “The Honeymoon Corruption,” is being published by Brandylane Publishing this fall.

  • Lend a helping hand

    Lend a helping hand

    In several of our classes, you can learn writing and communication skills while doing community service projects for local organizations, like creating brochures and other promotional materials for area non-profits.

  • Help others write

    Help others write

    Are you a strong writer? Then you could help others develop their own writing as a writing center tutor in UMPI’s Learning Commons.

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