Summer Opportunities

Research Experience for Undergraduates (funded by NSF)
This is a listing of NSF funded summer research positions for undergraduates.  Any student who is interested in advanced study in mathematics or a related field should consider applying to an REU site.

Park City Mathematics Institute
Every summer the Institute for Advanced Study holds a three-week workshop in Park City, Utah, that includes secondary teachers, undergraduate students, graduate students, and university faculty.  We enthusiastically recommend this program for interested students and teachers.

National Security Agency
The NSA is a leading employer of mathematicians, and they offer a variety of summer programs and internships.

Career Information

American Mathematical Society
Career information and much more for undergraduate or high school students considering a career in mathematics.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Information about problem-solving career paths in industry and government.

Society of Actuaries
An actuary is a business professional who analyzes the financial consequences of risk.  The Society’s site contains career guidance and information regarding the actuarial examinations.

Useful Sites

This is a (free) downloadable graphing utility that interfaces well with MS Word.

GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus.

Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
AT&T Labs maintains this searchable database of integer sequences.

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