Clinical Affiliates

Clinical Affiliates

Clinical Affiliate Sites-UMPI

  • The Aroostook Medical Center, Presque Isle, ME
  • Cary Medical Center, Caribou, ME
  • Houlton Regional Hospital, Houlton, ME
  • Northern Maine Medical Center, Fort Kent, ME
  • Penobscot Valley Hospital, Lincoln, ME
  • Calais Regional Hospital, Calais, ME

Clinical Site Availability

Student clinical assignments are dependent on many factors including the availability of qualified staffing and other resources at the clinical sites.  Consequently it cannot be guaranteed that a student will get his/her top choices for clinical experiences.  Since the MLT Program of Maine is a statewide program, the available clinical training site offered to a student may be anywhere within the State of Maine.   Students who are unwilling to accept their assigned clinical training site will need to withdraw from the MLT Program and apply for readmission the following year.  See academic policies on readmission and time to earn degree.

Only in the event that there are not enough clinical sites for the number of qualified students, an additional section of MLT 395, the clinical practicum, will be created for the following semester. The Program Co-Director will work with the clinical affiliates to schedule training the following semester.   

Assignment to a clinical site will be based on the following:

  • Student academic performance (GPA and mid-semester grades prior to clinical rotation). This means a student with the highest academic performance will have preference in clinical site assignment.
  • Students will be assigned to clinical sites closer to where their homes are as much as possible.
  • The assignment of a student to a clinical site will take into consideration a variety of factors contributing to the appropriate pairing of student and their preceptors during clinical training. Any clinical site reserves the right to decline any student based on their clinical resources and student training requirements.
  • Each clinical site sets the daily schedule for the student to do his/her clinical training.

Service Work

Medical Laboratory Technology students are not expected to perform service work and are not allowed to take the place of qualified staff during any clinical rotation.  After demonstrating proficiency, students with qualified supervision may be permitted to perform procedures.  A clinical institution which employs a currently-enrolled MLT student as a laboratory assistant or phlebotomist, will schedule the student for work ONLY during non-instructional hours.