Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I do with a Physical Education Degree?

A. The Degree in Physical Education allows you a couple of different options. You can major in P.E. Teaching which can lead to certification in teaching physical education in grades K-12. The non-teaching option will prepare you for a career in Fitness & Wellness Leadership, Fitness Instruction, and possibly recreation management.

Q. Is there a sequence of courses I should take?

A. Regardless of your choice of a Major, several courses have to be taken in sequence. Lower level courses serve a preparatory role in getting you ready for higher level courses. In Physical Education, some of the courses are taught only once every two years, so it becomes crucial to be ready to take these courses. Academic advisors will assist you in scheduling your courses (Recommended Sequence).

Q. Will all my courses be chosen for me?

A. No. Within the Physical Education Program there is room for you to choose elective courses; courses that seem interesting or, with proper planning, can lead to a Minor degree. Physical Education Majors often Minor in Recreation, Coaching, Art, etc. With proper planning, you can Minor in one of several different options.

Q. Are there hands-on experiences?

A. Yes. There are many opportunities for our P.E. majors to get involved with children from the local communities. Our P.E. Major’s club plans and hosts many community events, bringing children from the surrounding towns to campus for interaction with our students in a variety of activities.

Q. Do I have to decide on a major right away?

A. No. Typically, during the first four semesters students are taking classes that meet the general curriculum requirements. Students who are taking P.E. classes during this time can use those course credits as electives if they decide to pursue a degree outside of Physical Education.

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