Steps to Apply for Portfolio Assessment

Steps to Apply for Portfolio Assessment

STEP 1:  Contact your professional academic advisor for guidance and an initial discussion about your prior learning and/or experience.  Your professional academic advisor will:

  • Review CPL policy and the Credit for Prior Learning process.
  • Determine if portfolio assessment is the best course for achieving CPL credit. The portfolio is the last tool to obtain credit.  All other tools (CLEP, challenge exam) must be used to award college credit before submitting a portfolio.
  • Assist you in setting up a brief, informal conversation about your knowledge and experience with a faculty member (in coordination with appropriate dean) who will help you determine if the scope of your knowledge and experience is sufficient to be considered for college credit.  If he/she agrees that you should move forward, continue with the application process.

STEP 2:  Submit the online application

Your professional advisor may assist you with the application.  The application is not the portfolio.  Submitting the application will generate a bill which must be paid before your portfolio will be officially evaluated and any credit posted.  The application process assigns a faculty evaluator who will assess your portfolio once it is submitted and determine the credit hours awarded.  No refunds are provided for credit not awarded. CBE Program Portfolio Assessment Request Form

STEP 3: Build your portfolio

Be sure to follow the standard organization and include the minimum contents listed.  Your portfolio should be thorough and presented in a neat and professional manner.  Please take advantage of the free assistance you can get through our Writing Center.  Located in the Center for Innovative Learning, the Writing Center is one of the best places to go for well-qualified help with any writing project (online help is available, too, at https://umpi.mywconline.com/).  You may submit one draft of your portfolio to your assigned faculty evaluator for his or her feedback and your revision.  The Writing Center staff can also help you revise your portfolio for final submission.

STEP 4: Submit your completed portfolio to your assigned faculty evaluator

Once your final portfolio is submitted, your assigned faculty evaluator may award full credit, partial credit or no credit for the portfolio.  No refunds are provided for credit not awarded.

Once the portfolio evaluation is completed and credit is awarded or denied, feedback will be provided to you.  If credit is awarded it will appear on your transcript.  You can access an unofficial copy or request an official copy through your MaineStreet Student Center.