Women’s Studies

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Women’s Studies

The University offers both a Women’s Studies Minor and a Women’s Studies Certificate Program. Women’s Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of women and gender issues and prepares students for a range of employment opportunities as well as graduate studies. Understanding the importance of gender in contemporary society from both theoretical and professional perspectives prepares students for future careers and professions that promote social justice and gender equity. The Women’s Studies minor and certificate program do not prepare students for a single job or profession, but for multiple types of future employment. Women’s Studies courses train students in critical and analytical thinking, composition and research methods, and theories of equity and social justice. Additionally, the Women’s Studies certificate program and minor allow students to select their own coursework from multiple University of Maine System campuses and thus self-design a program that best meets their own goals and interests.  The Women’s Studies minor and certificate program are great complements to any professional major or degree for students planning to work with groups of women and men as well as issues related to their lives and careers.

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Potential Applications for a Women’s Studies minor/certificate:

  • Women’s Health Educator
  • Registered Nurse
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Educator
  • Sexual Assault Services Program Coordinator
  • Physician, OB/GYN
  • Prevention Education Coordinator
  • Journalist/ Blogger
  • Public Policy Program Director
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Social Worker
  • Case Worker with Child & Family Services
  • Financial Advisor
  • Attorney
  • Counselor/ Therapist
  • Advocate/ Victim Assistance