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1/29/21 – Message from Fred Thomas to campus

Good afternoon

The following is the weekly schedule we will be using starting Monday February 1st through May 7th.  Just a friendly reminder to all students, faculty and staff the University System policy states that if you are either on campus working or taking any in person classes or labs you are required to test weekly for Covid.  UMPI’s test site is in the MMG Center located in the Campus Center by the bookstore.

As always thank you for your continued support and understanding and please do not hesitate to contact either Sarah Coyer at sarah.coyer@maine.edu or me at frederick.thomas@maine.edu or on my office phone, (207) 768-9580 if you have any questions or concerns.

Test Schedule:


9am to 3pm – Emerson residence students, Athletes
4pm to 7pm – Faculty/Staff, Commuter Students


9am to 3pm – Merriman residence students


9am to 3pm – Faculty/Staff, Commuter Students, Athletes


9am to 3pm – Faculty/Staff, Commuter Students

4pm to 7pm – Faculty/Staff, Commuter Students


9am to 1pm – Catch up Day, Athletes


NOTE: There will be some additional information coming out in the very near future detailing our new Shield T3 test procedures, which is still a saliva based test.

Frederick Thomas