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10/6/20 – Message from Sarah Coyer to students

Greetings UMPI Owls!
I hope you are safe, healthy, and well. I want to thank you for doing all you can to help keep our campus and community a safer place.
Next Monday, October 12, 2020 is Indiginous Peoples’ Day in Maine. In recognition of this day, UMPI offices are closed and classes will not be held, which means the weekend will be one day longer than usual. One thing that is keeping UMPI a safer place is limiting our travel as much as possible.
If you are planning to travel outside of Presque Isle during the long weekend, please email me before you leave letting me know the dates you will be gone, where you are traveling to (city included), and the reason for your travel.
Please keep in mind that we advise all students to avoid large social gatherings and to practice safe social distancing procedures while you are away if you do choose to travel.  Also, if you are staying with family/friends, make sure that no one in the household where you are staying is exhibiting symptoms or is COVID-19 positive before you travel.
Please review the Maine CDC Travel Mandates and pay special attention to the quarantine requirements, which include the requirement to quarantine in your residence for 14 days after arriving back in Maine if you travel to an unapproved state, and to have a negative result from a COVID test that was administered 72 hours prior to your arrival if you travel to a state that is not currently approved through Maine CDC.  Quarantine and testing is NOT required for in-state travel or if you travel to an approved state.
Please contact your professors if you are required to quarantine to make arrangements to participate in class remotely and submit any assignments. Having to quarantine for personal, non-emergency travel outside of Maine does not excuse you from participating in class.
I ask that you limit travel in state as much as possible and avoid traveling out of state if you can. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks and have a great week!