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10/6/21 – Message from Don Gibson to campus

To All Students (on and off campus residents)

This fall you all have been amazing in your commitment to your own health and the health and welfare of the campus community. We are proud of you.

When you return from the fall break, please plan to get tested within 24 to 48 hours at our testing center if you are living on campus or participating in any in-person, on-campus experiences. We are conducting this additional round of testing to best ensure everyone’s health and safety.  Please remember that all students who are on campus for classes or any other reason must be vaccinated or have an approved waiver in place by no later than Oct. 15.  We ask that you either carry your Vaccination Card with you or take a picture of it in case you are asked to verify your vaccination status (it is also available on the Point and Click system).

As of Tuesday the 12th of October, we are changing the visitation policy in the residence halls.  Please continue to comply with the masking mandate for all indoor locations.  In addition, please limit visitors  to a maximum of 4 in any room, and all must remain masked.  If you would like to have an overnight guest, they must be registered with the Residence Life Office in the Emerson Annex during business hours at least two days before their stay; the maximum stay is two days.

Anyone who enters a Residence Hall must have proof of vaccination (or waiver), either a picture of their vaccination card or verification on the Point and Click system, or must have a recent (within 72 hours) negative COVID test.  RAs may ask for proof from visitors in order to support the health and safety of all residents.

If you have questions about these changes, please feel free to send me your questions or concerns via email, phone: (207) 768-9560, or stop by the Emerson Annex.

Have a fabulous break and please do not delay in getting tested when you return!