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12/3/2021 – Message from President Rice to campus

Dear UMPI Community,

As you are all certainly aware, COVID-19 infections have been trending upwards in Maine, and in Aroostook County especially, over the past several weeks.  As we move toward the close of the semester, we are requesting that all students, faculty, and staff test prior to the end of this coming week (Dec. 10), or prior to your departure from the campus, to ensure the safety of ourselves as well as our friends and family and those communities to which we may be returning.  My thanks to everyone for ensuring a successful fall semester, especially in terms of our ability to maintain such small numbers of covid infections through your compliance with our vaccination protocols.  Having as many members of our community as possible take a covid test (whether vaccinated or not) prior to the end of next week will help us to confirm the success of these efforts and prepare for the spring semester.

Finally, please note that all activities– including Finals Week– are proceeding as planned until the end of the semester.

My thanks, once again, to everyone for your efforts to keep us all safe and healthy this past semester, best wishes for finals and for a peaceful and restorative break.