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2/11/21 – Message from Sarah Coyer to campus

Greetings UMPI Campus Community,

Sorry for all the emails today, so much information to disperse this year!

As many of you already know…anyone participating in weekly testing is receiving a different colored bracelet each week.  This is to help our various campus offices identify who is allowed to be on campus.

It’s important that you have your bracelet with you and visible when you are on campus.  We would prefer that individuals wear them, but we understand that this is not possible for everyone.  If you do not wear the bracelet on your wrist we ask that you attach it to something that you always have with you, example: your ID lanyard, keys, etc.  If you attach it to your backpack, and you don’t have your backpack, you could be turned away from various facilities.  Next week bracelets will also be provided for anyone getting tested at the Houlton Center.

Starting next week, individuals will not be allowed to use the Gentile facility if they do not have an up to date bracelet. Other classes and facilities will be checking as well.  We understand that you still might have the bracelet from the week before if you have not done your test yet, that’s fine.If you are exempt from testing for 90 days because you tested positive at some point, we still encourage you to come to MMG or Houlton testing site and get a bracelet to wear each week so you won’t have any difficulties using our facilities.

Wearing a bracelet that you have purchased on your own in order to avoid participating in testing would be considered a serious policy violation.

Thank you to everyone for your active participation in testing this semester, we appreciate all of your work to keep UMPI safe!