Latest Communications

3/10/21 – Message from Sarah Coyer to campus

Greetings UMPI Owls,

With the changing guidance from the State of Maine on Covid-19 restrictions, and with the various messages coming out this week from the University of Maine System, we wanted to take a moment to clarify some important points to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff are on the same page.

  1. Face coverings and 6 feet social distancing are still required at this time, please continue to follow our social distancing protocols and guidelines.

  2. We are still requiring students, faculty and staff who come to the UMPI campus or the Houlton Center to participate in our weekly testing program, even if you have been fully vaccinated.

  3. Access to the UMPI campus and Houlton Center remains restricted.  This means that members of the public are still unable to access campus buildings like CIL, Gentile, and Campus Center.  We hope to open up spaces as we move forward and will keep everyone informed.

  4. We are also still restricting access for off-campus guests in the residence halls.  Only on-campus residents who are participating in weekly testing should be in the buildings.

  5. Maine’s civil authority had expanded the list of states that are exempt from testing and quarantine restrictions.  If you travel to New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island, you are not required to test/quarantine upon your return to the State of Maine.  Please make sure to research the requirements of any state you travel to, as they may have their own restrictions that you need to follow.

  6. We will be expanding the campus dining area in Kelley Commons for students who have a meal plan.  If you have a meal plan, we will have additional tables available in the dining hall where up to 4 students can sit and eat together with tables spaced 6 feet apart by the end of this week.

  7. Capacity for on-campus gatherings indoors and outdoors is not changing at this time, but we will keep community members informed as we are able to make adjustments within the State of Maine’s timeline.

  8. We are currently examining how these changes will impact large events like graduation.  We plan to release updated information on what will be possible in the next few weeks, and will work with our graduation committee to share an update with all seniors soon.

  9. Employees, including student employees, should continue to coordinate with their supervisor regarding their in-person or remote work plans and needs to ensure alignment with department staffing plans and to ensure that safety protocols and supplies are in place. Please contact Human Resources for questions or concerns regarding this matter.

The UMS system, and every campus in the US, is moving slowly and diligently back towards full and open operations.  It won’t be long before we are back to normal, but patience is essential to our shared good health.  We are excited to begin this transition in our community, and we thank you for your continued work to keep our campuses safe.