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3/15/2020 – Message from President Rice to faculty and staff


With the closure, announced today, of Aroostook County K-12 schools, as well as many preschools and daycares, we understand that some of you will need to stay at home to care for your dependents.  We ask that you work with your supervisor to determine if you can conduct your work at home, adjust your work schedule, or take vacation time – or a combination of those options. Your campus human resources partners are also available to assist you in this process.  If you are an employee with no vacation time, please contact your campus Human Resources office. Please recognize that the situation is very fluid and the System continues to investigate how it can best respond to staff and faculty needs in regards to these circumstances.  

As noted in the Chancellor’s previous announcement, also contact your supervisor should you feel that your individual personal situation in regards to your age or pre-existing medical condition warrants similar accommodations. 

Please note that, with the exceptions from the circumstances noted above, we are still functioning in our standard duties at our standard/customary locations.

We will continue to monitor federal and state legislation and guidance on pay and benefits in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and update our practices and policies accordingly.

Above all, please stay safe, be mindful of one another, and please let me know how we can continue to best meet your needs while providing our essential services in regards to our students’ education and the support that they require.