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3/18/21 – Message from Ralph McPherson to students

Hello UMPI Students

It’s hard to believe, but we are turning the corner and working toward the end of the semester.  It has been a tough year in many respects, but we are getting through day by day.

This semester has been particularly hard because we do not have a scheduled break.  This can lead to fatigue and frustrations that would normally be easier to deal with.  Stress becomes more pronounced and our coping abilities can get a little taxed when we work for an extended period of time.

For these reasons, I have been giving this message to the students I have been working with.  You are good students and your plate has been full.  You are tired, the instructors are tired, we are still dealing with COVID, and we are somewhat nervous about what the summer will hold for us.  Allow yourself some room for self-forgiveness.  In other words, get off your back…You are doing the best that you can given all the circumstances we are going through.  I hear too many students talk about what they have not been doing well, or picking areas where they can improve…fair enough…all of us need improvement regardless of this pandemic.  I want to challenge you to look at what you are doing well and how you are trying to make everything work.  Take time to praise what you are doing, instead of being so self-critical.  Let’s leave perfection out of the equation.

If you are falling behind and need help, please reach out to your campus community who can help you.  Utilize student support services, tutoring services, the counseling office, stay in communication with your academic advisor and professors. We all want you to succeed.

In closing, keep using self-care techniques that promote health.  Try to maintain good sleeping habits, good nutrition, exercise, reach out to family and friends.  It’s also okay to take a break from your computer to have a little fun.  Everything you can do to promote good health is to your benefit.  Mostly, try looking at what you are doing well, instead of criticizing yourself.  Give yourself an emotional break.