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6/18/21 – Message from President Rice to campus

Dear UMPI community,

As you are undoubtedly aware, we have made great progress toward a return toward a more “normal” university operations and campus re-opening to the public.  As we approach the formal start of the summer season, I wanted to send some quick updates as to what we have accomplished, what work we still have before us, and what we may be able to expect for the fall semester.

The changes in Maine CDC guidelines allowed us to accelerate our reopening plans as of June 1.  As a result:

  •  Gentile Hall opened up its operations to the public on that date, and is now seeing rapidly increasing usage from both those in the UMPI community and the public.
  • The pool is planned to be open to the general public on July 1, when UMPI begins the process of providing swim instruction and lifeguard training for Presque Isle and our local schools.
  • Alumni may now use the facilities free of charge; public visitors, just like UMPI community members, must demonstrate that they are negative in terms of the COVID-19 virus by either showing proof of vaccination or a recent negative test result.
  • The Center for Innovative Learning opened for general functions on June 1 as well, with the Reed Art Gallery opening in July to public access.
  • The Campus Center is also now open.
  • Our staff and faculty should find that facilities have returned to a pre-COVID 19 schedule of accessibility.
  • Please note that masks remain a requirement indoors.
In regards to our own return-to-work conditions, supervisors have been asked to submit, no later than June 30, plans for any change (pre-COVID-19) to departmental/office working conditions.  Cabinet will make general recommendations to Chief Business Officer Betsy Sawhill Espe and myself, who shall be responsible for final approval of these plans.  I am attaching a general UMS statement on this item with this email, but please contact your supervisor if you have any questions about this process.  Additional updates on these issues can always be found here.In terms of the fall semester, we now know that social distancing will not be required indoors; as a result, we have returned our classroom and other room set-ups to their pre-COVID-19 configuration.  Currently, masks are still required indoors.  The System continues to monitor the development of vaccinations on a national level (including their potential approval under the federal regulatory process and their availability to children under 12), as well as requirements of external agencies, and will update its policies accordingly.  I will keep the campus informed as to all changes.  Just a reminder: currently, we require all faculty, staff, and students with any access to campus to either provide proof of vaccination or to continue the weekly testing procedures.

My thanks to all of those who have worked so hard not only to keep our campus– and each other– safe throughout this pandemic, but also who have worked toward a successful re-opening of our facilities.  All of your collective efforts have made our ability to negotiate this unprecedented situation possible.