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7/21/2020 – Message from President Rice to students

Dear UMPI Students,

I write as a follow up on my message to you last week about the different ways that courses will be offered this fall.  By this time, you may have viewed some of the changes in your MaineStreet Student Center, which now reflects our updated course modalities.  We know that there are many factors that influence your preference for learning and what modality is right for you.  That is why it is important to be in communication with your professional advisors in regards to your needs and preferences so that they can help you build a learning path that truly meets your needs– whether that means attending in person at UMPI, Zooming in to connect with class, interacting completely online, or a combination of these.  Whatever your preference, there is a learning modality to meet your needs, this fall and into the future.

To help you make the choices about what course modalities may best fit your needs, our Center for Teaching and Learning has created a short video tutorial with examples of what each modality may look like, to accompany the definition documents that you saw last week (also attached here, for easy access).

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your professional advisors (below), your course faculty or faculty advisors, or any staff members at UMPI.  Our goal is to help you make this transition back to campus as successful as possible.

UMPI Professional Advising Staff:

Lorelei Locke, Director: lorelei.locke@maine.edu, 768-9553
Shara Page, Associate Director: shara.page@maine.edu, 768-9419
Jean Henderson, Houlton Center, jean.henderson@maine.edu, 521-3100
Bethany Lord, bethany.lord@maine.edu, 768-9619
Jessica Winslow, YourPace Programs, jessica.b.winslow@maine.edu, 768-9668