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8/21/20 – Message from Sarah Coyer to students

Dear UMPI students,
Greetings from Presque Isle! We want to make sure all members of our student body are aware of the press release that was shared with the media today regarding student parties and social¬†gatherings. Here’s a quick link to the release (and it also appears below):
It is vitally important for all of our students to understand the Student Conduct Code sanctions connected with attending, hosting, and/or promoting a party, gathering, or function that is prohibited by the state’s group-size limitations–whether on- or off-campus. Please see the official guidance here:
As we prepare for the fall semester, we’re doing everything we can to keep everyone safe on campus. Participating in activities that violate our guidelines endangers that work.¬† The fate of our campus being able to get through the fall semester is in your hands and will depend on the responsible choices you make.
As President Rice said in his email to you yesterday, “We are all in this together and this will take dedication, vigilance, and a conscientious attention to protocols and procedures by all of us for this to work for any of us.”
Thank you so much for your commitment to keeping us all safe.