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9/16/20 – Message from Saray Coyer to students

Happy Wednesday!

Cold and Flu season is right around the corner (in addition to the Covid-19 concerns we are already managing).  While you monitor your daily health and symptoms you may have questions when you develop sniffles or a cough.  When these questions come up, checking in with Linda Mastro at our Health Center is a great idea!

Reminder...if you are feeling sick and experiencing any flu/covid-19/cold-like symptoms please call or email the Health Center staff before coming to the Emerson Annex in person.  We are discouraging any drop-in appointments to ensure the safety of the office and all of our community members.  

The Health Center will do a virtual symptom screening with you and conduct a consultation via phone/zoom before patients physically come to the office for an appointment.

To schedule an appointment please contact Jennifer Ball during business hours (8:00am-4:30pm) Monday through Friday by phone at (207) 768-9587 or via email at jennifer.ball@maine.edu.  

Thank you and wishing you all good health this fall…and don’t forget to get your annual flu vaccination! 🙂