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9/18/20 – Message from Dan Kane to students

Dear UMPI Students,
We are all very happy to have you all back on campus this fall. We are also very proud of the safety protocols you have been following to help keep our campus safe during these first few weeks of the semester. Due to that hard work and sacrifices everyone has made we are in a position to make some changes to some of our recreational standards on campus.
Please read ALL of the information in the attached document that outlines our current possible recreation opportunities and safety standards. The attached guide highlights:
  1. Examples of Approved Activities
  2. Recreational Locations
  3. Mask Requirements
  4. Group Requirements (No more than four people)
We may need to go back to the more strict policies at some point if there is ever a concern that we might have a positive COVID-19 case, or possibility of exposure. If we need to return to the stricter guidelines we will inform the community immediately and we will do our best to resolve the concern as quickly as possible so that the restriction is only temporary.
To kick off these new practice standards we are having the Tennis Courts on campus open from Noon – 4:00 PM on Saturday for any UMPI student who would like to get outside and play some tennis!
Once again, thank you all for your continued efforts in keeping everyone safe! Go Owls!
Coach Kane