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President contributes article to book on wind energy

An article by University of Maine at Presque Isle President Don Zillman has been featured in a just-published book on law and wind power. 

Wind Power Development in a Small State: The Case of Maine appears in the new book Legal Systems and Wind Energy – A Comparative Perspective, edited by Helle Tegner Anker, Birgitte Egelund Olsen and Anite Ronne and published in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Zillman’s article provides a case study in wind power development in Maine and examines the state’s wind profile. The article looks at several of Maine’s commercial wind projects during the last decade and concludes by looking at the non-commercial wind power venture now underway at UMPI to build a 600 kW wind turbine on campus.

The book delves into the legal frameworks that effect wind energy development, including national and international legal systems, and discusses, among other topics, planning laws, environmental assessment procedures and wind energy regulation.

The President has been involved in energy law matters for more than 30 years in positions at Arizona State University, the University of Utah, and the University of Maine School of Law. He frequently writes about energy law issues.

One of his two books published in 2008 by the world’s leading academic publishing houses discussed these issues in detail. Beyond the Carbon Economy – Energy Law in Transition (Oxford University Press), co-edited with Catherine Redgwell, Lila Barrera-Hernandez and Yinka Omorogbe, explores the legal ramifications of the unsustainability of our carbon-based, global economy. The book was discussed at a conference of the International Bar Associations, held last year in Copenhagen, Denmark.