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Students honored during UMPI Awards Convocation

The University of Maine at Presque Isle held its annual Awards Convocation on Sunday, April 26, in the Campus Center, presenting top students with academic honors and recognizing them for their service to the institution.

Departmental and Academic Area Awards were presented first. In the College of Education, Frances Cote received the award for Outstanding Elementary Education Major; Samantha Cousins received the award for Outstanding Secondary Education Major; Kelli Wolfe-Enslow received the award for Outstanding Post-Baccalaureate Education Student; Michelle Phillips received the award for Outstanding Physical Education Major; and Chad Parker received the award for the Ruel Parks “Rising Star” Memorial Award.

In the College of Professional Programs, Stephen Hopkins and Meagan Toussaint received the award for Outstanding Athletic Training Major; Collette Sloat received the award for Outstanding Fitness & Wellness Major; Heidi Rackliffe received the award for Outstanding Social Work Student; Yueying Wang Bloomer received the award for Outstanding Criminal Justice Major; Brandon Carlow received the award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Accounting; Brandi Hill received the award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Business Management; Jenna Flanagin received the award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Management Information Systems; Steven Callioras and Ashley Espling received the award for Outstanding History Major; Michael DeWitt received the Political Science Polis Award; and Emerson Wright received the Prix d’Excellence en Langue et Culture francaises for French.

In the College of Arts & Sciences, Mathieu Bourgeois and Daniel Sheffield received the Mathematics-Science Award; Emily Bartlett and Stephanie Corriveau received the General Biology I Award; Joanna Dumond, Rebecca Kelley, Shane Smith and Bryanne Thomas received the Fine Art Talent Award for Outstanding Studio Achievement; Bhava Albert, Lila Albert and Andrew Bellamy received the Film Scholar Award; Joanna Dumond and Sean Smith received the Art History Award; Erin Pelletier received the English Book Award; and Anthony Scott received the Humanities Award.

The Distinguished Teaching Award was presented to Professor Richard Zuras.

AFUM Scholarships also were presented during the event. Steven Giangiordano received the Daniel Patterson Scholarship and Mihaela Pavlova received the John K. Steinbaugh Scholarship.

Student Senate Scholarship recipients included the following: Lenka Rambouskova received the Alan Arman Memorial Scholarship; Pamela Perkins received the Monica G. Gilbert Memorial Scholarship; Rachel McGlinn received the Steven Edward Eagles Memorial Scholarship; and Lacey O’Donnell received the T.W. Morrison Scholarship.

The University Times Advisor Award was presented to David Hamilton

Those named to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges included: Brandon Carlow, Alexandrea Cheney, David DeKay, Trevor Hews, Stephen Hopkins, Daniel Jackson, Shirley Jewell, Douglas Miles, Lacey O’Donnell, Miheala Pavlova, Erin Pelletier, Meagan Toussaint, Chuck Weiss and Emerson Wright.

Students recognized for their participation in the University Honors Program included: Andrew Bellamy, Christina Booth, Felicia Butterfield, Stephanie Corriveau, Gwen DeFelice, Michael DeWitt, Justin Fereshetian, Hannah Hopkins, Laura Hunter, Samual Johnson, Krista Kelly, Harrison Kilpatrick, Leland McDougal, Darren Pelletier, Samual Picard, Hannah Smith, Nathan Smith, Kaitlin Sprangers, Natalie St.Pierre, and Rose Webb.

Those recognized for their participation in Student Senate included: Emily Bartlett, Chastity Bernier, Becca Bouchard, Kristin Boxwell, Tammy Bragg, Steven Callioras, Jonathan-David Clark, David DeKay, Keren Dumond, Josselyn Forbes, Daniel Fournier, Megan Fowler, Christina Hall, Chris Hansen, Wendy Jeans, Richard Neal Jones, Harrison Kilpatrick, Brandon Marquis, Leah McEachern, Ravi Munukutla, Lacey O’Donnell, Isaac Raymond, John Repecko, Buddy Robinson, Hannah Smith, and Zach Tupper.