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President’s Message, April 12: University Day!

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President’s Message, April 12: University Day!


My thanks to all who participated in and/or provided feedback regarding the proposed organizational structure of the University.  My special thanks to the Task Force that led us through this process, which included the following individuals:

  • Administration, Faculty and Staff :  Deborah Hodgkins, Gregg Bouchard, Nancy Pierce, Dan LaLonde, David Buckingham, Jason Johnston, John Haley, Lorne Gibson, Vanessa Pearson, and Tracy Rockwell
  • Student Reps Katharine Waldron and Joshua Williams
  • BOV Member Steve Richard
  • Notes:  Lisa Pucci
  • Carolyn Dorsey (Assoc. Prof. of Business) and Deborah Roark (Executive Director of Institutional Advancement), Co-Chairs

As I noted at the Open Forum last Monday, I have recommended a model based upon the work produced by the Task Force, along with input from cabinet, to Chancellor Page.  The Chancellor will be asking the Board of Trustees to comment upon—and authorize—the organizational model at the Board of Trustees meeting being held this May 21 and 22 here at the University.

In addition, the Chancellor will be visiting the UMPI campus on May 2 or May 3 to receive further input directly from the Task Force about the process, which developed five different models, from which this final recommendation was drawn.  Please look for more information regarding the Chancellor’s visit within the next day or two!  For those who may have not yet seen the model, I include a copy of it at the end of this document.  Please keep in mind that this is intended to be a permanent but “living” organizational structure, and that we will be making appropriate adjustments to it as further information unfolds as we go through our upcoming process improvement projects!

Bill Lothrop, Ave at Vale!

It is with great sadness that we announced the loss of William J. “Bill” Lothrop, 82, retired Assistant Professor of Mathematics, this past weekend.  Bill started his teaching career at UMPI in 1967, teaching courses such as Algebra-Trigonometry, Principles of Mathematics, and College Mathematics I.  His guidance and curricular expertise shaped the lives of generations of Education majors—and his legacy is found today in nearly every Aroostook County school (and far beyond).  Bill was tenured in 1974 after several years of exemplary service, for which President Stanley Salwak made a direct (and exceptional) appeal on his behalf.  He retired from full-time teaching in 2008.  Bill received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, as well as his Master’s Degree, from the University of Maine.  He lived in Ashland for most of his teaching career, where he was all the closer to the lakes and ponds upon which he so loved to fish.  A registered Maine guide, Bill’s dedication to his students in the classroom was matched only by his love of the natural beauty and wonders of Aroostook County.  He is survived by his wife of 21 years, Joan Lothrop, his daughter, Carrie Reed, and son Ben.

In lieu of flowers, Ben and Carrie ask that donations in their father’s memory be provided to the University in support of the Mathematics-Science Academic Achievement Scholarship.  Please contact Debbie Roark ( for further information.  Truly, there can be no more appropriate remembrance of his accomplishments than supporting students in the discipline that he loved so much.


Finally, my thanks (I think!) to everyone who gave up a portion of their afternoon to plan, prepare for, and/or stop by last Wednesday at my “surprise” half-century birthday party.  The twenty years I’ve been at UMPI truly feel as if they have gone by in the blink of an eye (perhaps that’s because my memory isn’t what it used to be, ha ha?).  I’m still recovering from the pretext that got me up to the Campus Center, but it truly was an unexpected and wonderful celebration.  I’m told you can access much of the “roast,” which includes commentary from a wide range of university and community people, including Joe Zubrick, Lea Allen and her family, Mike Knopp and Rich Zuras (AKA, the Don Rickles of Aroostook County!), Provost Joe Szakas (UMA), President Don Zillman, BOT Chair Sam Collins, and Rachel Rice (!) here:

(*Winne the Pooh)