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Your Vote (Always) Counts on November 6

Your Vote (Always) Counts on November 6

Friends and Colleagues,

Under Question 4 on the November 6th ballot, the University of Maine at Presque Isle would receive $4.5 million, specifically designated for expanding or developing programs that meet our state and nation’s workforce needs and provide you with competitive jobs and salaries for years to come.  These infrastructure improvements will include major renovations in both Wieden and Folsom Halls, adding classroom, lab, and clinical spaces.  This is essential in helping us to increase our enrollments in the Nursing program we’re partnering with UMFK to bring to UMPI, as well as our own Medical Lab Technology, Physical Therapist Assistant and Exercise Science programs. Additionally, this funding complements plans already in motion for the construction of the research-grade Zillman Family Greenhouse, a cornerstone of our new Agricultural Science program. These funds will also allow us to replace the Weiden roof and make substantial upgrades to the Gymnasium, thus providing better services to groups like the Presque Isle Community Players, for whom the Auditorium is their home, as well as our Basketball, Volleyball, and other sports teams.

We have worked hard here at UMPI to make a college education affordable to all.  This includes our Free For Four program, guaranteeing zero tuition and fee expenses to eligible Maine families, as well as our For Maine Families awards, and our scholarships and highly competitive tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students. In fact, Student Loan Hero and US News and World Report each rank UMPI as the most affordable four year college in Maine and New England, both in terms of student debt load upon graduation as well as tuition/fees while in attendance. Question 4 will ensure that we can develop the programs students need while we assure a college education affordable for all.

You can find further information upon how Question 4 funds will impact Aroostook County and our institution at the following sites:

Letter from UMS Trustee Norm Fournier on the impact to UMPI and UMFK

Learn how Question 4 will address the workforce shortage:

View the Question 4 informational video:

Most importantly, I encourage us all to exercise our constitutional right to vote tomorrow and participate in the critical decisions facing us at the local, state, and national levels.  How we vote is a matter of our individual choice and conscience–but the strength of our nation truly lies in our ability to help shape its future.

If you live in Maine, the following site will help you to identify your polling place and preview the ballot:

In addition, for further information in a non-partisan format, the Maine Voter’s Guide provides especially useful information on candidates for elected office as well as the various referendum issues:

Traditional paper copies are available at post offices, libraries, as well as our own CIL here on campus.

And remember, in Maine, even if you haven’t registered before Election Day you may do so at your polling place on Tuesday (tomorrow). If you are at least 17 years old, be sure to bring a valid ID (that could be your driver’s license or state ID or passport) along with a piece of mail (such as a bank statement or paycheck stub or utility bill) as proof of your address.  Polling sites close at 8 PM.