In December 2007, the University was named a National Weather Service StormReady campus, making it the second campus in New England, after Harvard University, and the 21st campus in the nation to receive this important federal designation.

StormReady is a nationwide program that helps communities better protect their citizens during severe weather by arming them with the planning, communication, and safety skills needed to save lives and property before and during storm events. The program also helps community leaders strengthen local safety and awareness programs.

stormreadyThrough the program, the University has established a 24-hour warning point and emergency notification system. Special weather radios have been installed at each building on campus and points of contact in each building are responsible for monitoring the radios.

In the event of severe weather, these points of contact will get warnings out to others in their building. Warnings also will be disseminated to the campus community through email, computer dialog pop-up box, voice mail, and radio stations.

For more information about the University’s StormReady designation, check out the new releases here¬†or visit the official StormReady website.