An accounting education prepares students for careers in accounting and finance. However many of our graduates have also gone into banking, and management. In fact, since accounting is the language of business, accounting degrees usually open doors wide, in the private, not-for-profit and government sectors.

Accounting Program at UMPI is designed to provide a professionally oriented program to prepare students for successful careers in the major fields of accounting and finance, including tax, auditing, corporate accounting, governmental accounting, and not-for-profit accounting.

The small class sizes at UMPI provide faculty with plenty of opportunities for personal interactions with our students. Because of that we usually know the professional interests and academic strengths of our students. That and the fact that all of the accounting faculty (both regular as well as adjunct) have professional experience and qualifications make it possible for us to advise and guide our students on an individual basis and help them succeed in their professional career.

Program Requirements