Notes from Former Students

awhitmore-stmaarten.jpg Amy Whitmore
Class of 2005 Valedictorian
BA Accounting and Business Management
Currently working for Old Town Canoe in Old Town, Maine as their Manufacturing Planner

"The more time that goes by, the more I appreciate the education and experience I received from UMPI. The quality of my education was excellent due to a curriculum that covered a good mix of all the different aspects of the business world with teachers that really care about their students. I look back and remember how happy I was to be a part of a very beautiful, active, and supportive community. I was able to work full-time, participate and teach at two dance schools, and be involved in multiple clubs around campus."


saidmammadov-sm.jpg Said Mammadov (2003 graduate)

"UMPI is great! It gave me a chance to get good education in the field of Accounting and also pursue my other hobbies such as sports and outdoor activities. Cozy campus and small classes contribute to a very good academic environment.

After Graduating from UMPI I moved to New York and started working for an investment company. My job consisted of analyzing companies in emerging markets and identifying investment targets for my firm. I was also trading stocks. I traveled to a lot of developing countries such as Romania, Turkey, Lebanon, Kazakhstan and I enjoyed it. In 2005 I moved to Moscow, Russia in order to focus on investments in the republics of the former Soviet Union ."

stacey-emeryStacey Emery
BA Accounting and Business Management (2005)
Staff Accountant for Chester M. Kearney, CPA’s
Northern Maine Business Counselor for Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

My time at UMPI was very fulfilling and rewarding to me as a whole. My experience enriched me both personally and professionally. When I had decided to return to school, it terrified me to think of walking in to a classroom filled with traditional students. After all, how was a 30+ year old, married, mother of four supposed to fit in with this younger crowd? My answer came to me on the first day of orientation. I walked in to the auditorium to find a mixture of new students; young and not so young. I knew then that my time at UMPI would not be so bad. What I didn’t realize at that time was that some of my closest, dearest friends were going to be made from those same people sitting in that auditorium.

One of the biggest deciding factors for me when I chose UMPI was that UMPI had a smaller student to instructor ratio. I felt that this would allow the instructor to give more individualized attention to the student, resulting in a better-rounded student. I feel this factor gives the UMPI student an advantage when going out into the workforce.