Engaged Learning

Welcome to the University of Maine Presque Isle Engaged Learning Center.

Mission Statement

As part of the University of Maine at Presque Isle's broader aim to provide advanced, experiential educational opportunities, the role of the Academic Engaged Learning committee is to promote and facilitate engaged learning opportunities in Aroostook County.

Central to the mission of the Academic Engaged Learning committee is a commitment to the following ideals:

  • To serve as a vehicle for academically oriented engagement between student, faculty and community agencies.
  • To raise awareness of regional issues in ways that enhances student learning goals through active community involvement
  • To actively demonstrate the relevance of academic study to meeting real world needs
  • To promote public service and a culture of good citizenship

Vision Statement

In tandem with the universities goal to expand horizons and challenge its students through experienced based co-curricular activities and adventurous learning, Academic Engaged Learning works to achieve these ends, the vision of this committee is to:

  • Identify student, university and community concerns and develop programs that work to enhance and improve areas of need
  • To stimulate local and regional economic development through student training and community solutions
  • To facilitate student discovery through intellectual, cultural and experiential learning