Engaged Learning

Engaged Learning

At the University of Maine Presque Isle, our faculty offer Engaged Learning opportunities for students as part of the coursework they do in certain classes. Engaged Learning benefits students as they learn by working with a community partner to complete an identified need. By its very nature, Engaged Learning also benefits the community partner, which leads to positive impacts in the community, the region and, in some cases, the state.

What is Engaged Learning?

  • Engaged Learning is an educational strategy in which either part or all of the class objectives are learned by working on projects with a community partner.
  • Engaged Learning is a type of education that put classroom skills and knowledge into practice while serving your community.
  • Engaged Learning combines civic involvement with academic coursework in a way that benefits both the student and the community.
  • Engaged Learning provides an arena where students work in a professional capacity with community members, their peers and the instructor of their course.
  • Engaged Learning relies heavily on team-work and the skills that promote effective team-building.

Mission Statement

As part of the University’s broader aim to provide advanced, experiential educational opportunities, we are committed to the following ideals:

  • To encourage academically-oriented engagement among student, faculty and community agencies
  • To raise awareness of regional issues in ways that enhance student learning goals through active community involvement
  • To actively demonstrate the relevance of academic study to meeting real world needs
  • To promote public service and a culture of good citizenship